The Recipe for a Flawless Face

If you are like me, then you have tried nearly every skin care product and DIY face mask out there. The trick to flawless skin is not only a matter of what you put into your body, but also what you nourish your skin with. Of course, drinking tons of water and eating a balanced diet is an essential part of achieving flawless skin, but I am about to share a Parisian natural beauty recipe with you that will clear up your pores and blemishes like you have never seen before – in only 15 minutes! Recently, I tried this recipe for flawless skin and I have been dying to share it with you. I am so impressed with the results of this face mask. It is unlike any other face mask out there. This facial never, and I repeat never fails to impress. Additionally, its credibility is not surprising since it is centuries old. Better yet, it is all-natural. Friends, I am talking about Marie Antoinette’s Face Mask. It is a deep cleansing face mask, and it is the perfect way to detox your skin. I can assure you that this recipe will leave your skin appearing porcelain-like, and do not be surprised if the majority of your pores and blemishes are faded away after you take it off.

Embracing our natural beauty is my aim here. I believe American women rely too heavily on makeup to enhance their natural beauty. After reading “The Paris Bath & Beauty Book” by Chrissy Callahan (Purchase here at Barnes & Noble:×3389.), I was left feeling inspired and driven to write about tangible ways women can enhance their God-given beauty. Personally, I feel American women have much to learn from the French women’s timeless recipes and secrets in order to embrace our natural beauty (which I will continue to expand upon in future blog posts). They are experts at taking care of themselves.

What makes this recipe Parisian? 

Marie Antoinette used this face mask 2 centuries ago. It has been around so long, no wonder it is so effective!

What does it do?

Cognac stimulates circulation, tightens pores, and brightens the complexion; eggs repair skin tissue, help optimize the moisture within skin cells, slow down premature aging, and bust acne-causing bacteria; lemons are natural exfoliants that remove the top layer of dead skin cells, while simultaneously lightening age spots and hyper-pigmentation; and milk (or flour) is a potent deep cleanser.


2 teaspoons cognac (or vodka, in a pinch)

1/3 cup dry milk powder (or all-purpose flour)

1 egg white

Juice of 1 lemon


  1. Pour all ingredients into a blender and process into a smooth paste. (If you do not have a blender, mix well by stirring with a fork or wire whisk in a glass bowl.)
  2. Put a large dollop of this paste aside and apply the rest on your face; allow it to dry for approximately 15 minutes. 
  3. Use the remaining paste to remove the mask by rubbing in small circles with fingertips. 
  4. Finally, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. End with your favorite moisturizer. 

Bottom line, perfection is plain old boring. Love your flaws because at the end of the day they are what make you – you! Our flaws are what make life fun and interesting. Turn them into something that you are proud of because that is truly beautiful! I believe this Parisian natural beauty recipe will help you feel more comfortable, confident, and fierce in your own skin, like how it did for me. Especially during the summertime where I typically tend to not wear as much makeup. I love the feeling of having makeup free, flawless skin. Perhaps, now you can to!

“Don’t wear too much makeup or overdue your hair. Your natural beauty is what sets you apart from every other woman.” -Camille Parruitte, Parisian Founder of the Jewelry Line Nouvel Heritage


Miss Amanda Rosemarie


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