Advice From Fashion Icons

Recently I have been inspired by women like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Coco Chanel just to name a few. These iconic women embody the essence of timeless beauty and grace. They also have mad style which also matches the beauty inside their hearts. I am a firm believer in that whatever you are wearing, it should compliment your inner character as well. That is what fashion is. It is an unique, outward expression of who you are and how you chose to carry yourself. From them, I have gathered a few tips and tricks on how you can pull your fashion ensemble together and be uniquely très chic.

Tip #1:


Wearing lipstick is a staple to any outfit, and basically Chanel is advising you to wear lipstick all of the time (especially when you need a pick-me-up). Consider it to be the cherry on top of any ensemble. Picking the right hue will either make or break your appearance. Choose a color that will go best with your skin tone. 

Tip #2: ladies-perfume-coco-mademoiselle

French women like Mademoiselle Chanel take what perfumes they use seriously because it’s their trademark. They find one scent and stick to it, and apply it subtly – in particularly where they would like to be kissed. 

Tip #3: cocoheelsheadandstandards

Wear pointy shoes. Shoes in general can make or break your outfit, and add a certain polishness to your ensemble. 

Tip #4:


Wear sunglasses. Chanel’s prodigee has stated correctly what a rockin’ pair of shades will do for you. The right pair will automatically make you look and feel like a movie star. Pick a pair that highlights your face, and it will be sure to add an ounce or two of glam to any outfit. 

Tip #5: 


Wearing all black, all white, or a mix of both is your pathway to becoming chic and classy. It will boost your overall appearance by 400%. Also darling, by this point you should be catching onto the complete and utter brilliance of Chanel. The mother of fashion knows what she is talking about. 

Tip #6:


Add a layer of modesty by accessorizing with a scarf. It will make you look and feel elegant and oh-so-posh!

Tip #7:


If you’re still reading, you have probably realized that there is virtually a Chanel quote for everything. #ChanelisLove #ChanelisLife

I want to mention here that leather jackets are a closet’s must have. Certainly you could find one that costs the sun, the moon, and the stars or you could find one less expensive at stores like Forever 21 or H&M. Either way, leather jackets are a legendary piece to own!

Tip #8: 


Photographed by: Melissa Hutchinson

Wear pearls. Marilyn Monroe may have said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’m saying that pearls are a girl’s soulmate. I believe they outwardly conceal your dignity. 

Tip #9:



Amen Audrey. No matter your age, elegance (and a smile, of course) is the most beautiful thing you can wear. Audrey’s timeless beauty and elegance apparently have no expiration date because they still live with us through film, and (let’s be real) in Facebook cover photos, Instagram captions, and on coffee mugs. How can you resist her, though? She is a stunning creature, and her soul of grace, charm, and poise will live on forever.

At the end of the day, darling, you are more precious and worth far more than all of the leather jackets, pearls, and perfumes in the world. Always wake up each day with the intention to let your inner light shine, and surely, the rest will follow.


Miss Amanda Rosemarie




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