A Day in the Life of an Ann Arborite

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can happen in your own backyard. We think we have to travel far and wide when in fact, if we travel just around the block or down the street we just might find a new experience. In my hometown, I am lucky because the whole world travels to Ann Arbor, Michigan and brings with it many new and exciting experiences and interactions. While this may not always be the case in your neck of the woods, it is likely there are some unexplored places nearby that are unexplored by you.
This past week was annually an exciting time to be in Ann Arbor, Michigan because of the infamous Art Fair that occurs in downtown Ann Arbor. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Art Fair, according to the Art Fair’s website it is a “501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization whose mission is to increase public knowledge and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and crafts by creating opportunities that connect artists, the Ann Arbor community and the general public to their mutual benefit, including a top quality juried street art fair”. I have always gone to the Art Fair growing up, and it seems like there is something there for everybody to see!
My dear friend, Bridget and I made the most out of the occasion by first grabbing a bite to each at Fred’s, a locally owned and operated San Francisco inspired restaurant. It’s a fantastic place for anyone to eat at, especially if you’re a health nut like Bridget and myself. Everything on their menu (besides the sweets of course) is delicious and nutritious! I’ll forewarn you though, it is a little bit on the pricey side, but I consider health to be a wealth! 
On our way to our next event, we popped into an adorably quaint local bookstore called Literati. Right as I walked into the store, I could smell the pages of the books. It ended up keeping us there and wanting to come back for more! I could have stayed in that store for hours peeping my head into all of their books… but I didn’t because of where Bridget and I were about to go to next!
Thereafter, we went to this somewhat of a hidden gem for swing dancing lovers! I randomly found this Facebook swing dancing event affiliated with the art fair called “Kiss Me in Ann Arbor”. Bridget and I thought we’d give it a whirl and my, were our expectations exceeded! It was by far the most fun I’ve had this entire summer! It was like straight out of a movie! I swear it was a dream. I felt like I was being transported back into a new era — the 1950’s! 
If you know me, you know how much I LOVE and swoon over everything about that era. The impact was the style of the clothes, the songs written, how people talked, danced, treated one another, and of course, the golden cinematic age of Hollywood. I believe I was born for such a time as this, but I can still carry the best parts of that era in my heart! Going to this event was like I went on a journey through a time machine because people there were dressed in 50’s style clothing, the ladies had their hair all pinned up, and there was even a LIVE jazz band called the Boilermaker Jazz Band! They were phenomenal.  It all made it seem so surreal!
 I’m encouraging you to keep an eye out for events being held in your community. You’d be surprised as to what is listed in the newspapers or on Facebook. There are so many fun events listed, and I think it would do us a lot of good to turn off our screens and instead, invest more in face-to-face relationships and partake in super fun experiences! You’ll be able to hold onto those forever! As my dear friend Rachel always tells me, “You only miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” So with that said, go out, have an enjoyable time with friends, and do something together that is outside of your comfort zones! I surely have no regrets about going to that swing dancing event, and you never know until you give something a try! 
Miss Amanda Rosemarie

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