The Wonderment Found in Detroit

They always say to never judge a book by its cover, and the same rule of thumb applies to the Motor City! It’s easy to be turned off by the ram-shackled homes and buildings still present there, however, I am here to tell you that there is far more to what meets the eye in Detroit. I am quite stunned and impressed with Detroit’s comeback as I have seen with my own eyes the Motown soul, flavor, and pride that beats in its very core and around the corners of the city. I am blown away by the resilience that remains there, despite its struggles and rough spots. I see resilience through the small businesses showing up every day, the Diamond Queen Ferry that attracts hundreds of people per week for tours of the Detroit and Windsor coastlines as well as the incredible murals as shown in my featured image. There are also the innovative museums and art structures, the developments occurring at the riverfront, and the lovely Belle Isle, which means “beautiful island” in French. My sister Annemarie and I recently experienced some of the finer sights of the Motor City and we somehow managed to squeeze it all in a day trip!

Belle Isle

Belle Isle has nearly everything you could think of on the island! There is a zoo, aquarium, museum, conservatory, casino & hotel, kayaking and canoeing, a beach, a giant slide, athletic fields, and more! It is kept very clean and safe as it is the #1 tourist attraction in Michigan. Annemarie and I had some time to kill before our brunch reservation so we dropped into the art fair going on there. We also took some pictures in front of the James Scott Memorial Fountain because it looks like it’s straight out of Europe!

The Riverfront

IMG_3677 (1)

A vision of the riverfront

The riverfront graces alongside the Detroit River and has an exquisite view of the Canadian coastline of Windsor. In person, it was eye opening to see both the landscapes that differentiate the United States from Canada. On one side you have the hustle and bustle of a large industrialized American city and on the other side of the river is a much smaller Canadian city. While both cities have built a casino industry, Windsor appears to be a much quieter place to visit riding on the Diamond Queen Ferry.

On the Diamond Queen Ferry…

This ferry ride was so delightful! I probably would have never known about it had my friend, Melina, who works on the boat not told me about it. I think having friends, relatives, and mutual friends alike can only enhance your traveling experiences, whether it is a recommendation of a restaurant, excursion, or a place to stay the night. I highly recommend the Diamond Queen ferry ride to enjoy seeing the blossoming beauty along Detroit’s coastline, and our good neighbor’s coastline, too! You’ll even learn about the history of Detroit and Windsor while aboard the ship. It’s a lovely two hours spent on the Detroit River. Click here for more information about the ferry ride!

Dining in at the Detroit Vegan Soul

Oh. My. Goodness. THIS PLACE. I would go back in a heartbeat for their sweet potato stack pancakes! You’d never guess they were made from sweet potatoes. They tasted like pumpkin bread deliciousness, so basically heaven in a pancake form (*insert heart-eye emojis here*).

So then, we inevitably crossed the street from Detroit Vegan Soul to go snap some shots in front of this BEAUTIFUL flower mural… HELLO WEST VILLAGE! This mural got me so shook.

My goal in this post is to shed the good light on Detroit and show that the city is trying to blossom. What makes Detroit unique is its story to tell. It enraptures you in the most unexpected ways. There are streets that show this is where we’ve been and then there are other streets that show this is where we are bound to be. I think that this is something important to keep in mind wherever you are traveling. Ask yourself the question, “What is this place’s story?” By doing this, you’ll discover far more than what meets the eye just like how I did in Detroit.


Miss Amanda Rosemarie



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